Saturday, September 5, 2009

Additional Mailing Information

The church provides a "pouch service" to certain areas in the world where the country's mail system may not be as reliable. This is how it works: letters are sent to the missionary department in Salt Lake City, who then take the letters to the country (I think general authorities or
traveling representatives often bring the letters into
the country with them). The pouch address is:

Sister Rebecca Marie Boekweg*
Philippines Baguio Mission**
P.O. Box 30105
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

*This is the same address where letters are delivered (free--highly reccommended!) The church has a deal with certain countries to allow this service on certan conditions: LETTERS ONLY. You can send postcards here, but the rules for letters are very strict: it must be a single-sheet of paper, folded in thirds and taped at the top, and NO envelope. Please follow guidelines so that this service can continue to be available. You only have to pay for the postage to Salt Lake City.
**Don't forget to write the name of the mission because many other missions use this pouch address as well.

Packages (or anything that doesn't fit under the above conditions) must be sent to the regular address:

Sister Rebecca Marie Boekweg
Philippines Baguio Mission
46 Kisad Rd
Montinola Subd, Baguio City
2600 Benguet