Monday, October 19, 2009

I love the MTC!

Dearest Mommy, Daddy, Lisa, Jennifer, and Jessica - Hello Family!!! I love you! I am writing this email while doing laundry. Today is my P-day! Ok, I only have 30 minutes so I'm going to just cut to the quick and give you all the info-- here we go. I love my two companions, Sister Young and Sister Parks! They are sweethearts! I am feeling very blessed because I've found out that I have some unique things in common with them both. Sister Young is from Georgia and was homeschooled all the way up until College. She loves horsebackriding, ASL, writing, and reading. She has a fun personality and is very talkative. Sister Parks is 25, and guess what -- she and I are in the same situation--we are both waiting for our missionaries who are currently serving. He is serving in Wash. DC and they are planning to get married when they both get back. How cool is that? I really feel like this companionship was inspired. I've learned so much from both of them already. Okay, moving on-- Oh! THANK YOU SOOOOO much for the flowers and chocolate! What a surprise! How did you manage to get them into my room. That brightened my day.

Ever since I got here, it has been go-go-go busy. But it's so much fun. I can now bear my testimony, introduce myself, and pray in Tagalog. One fun exercise me and my companions like to do in "Nga, Nge, Ngi, Ngo, Ngu" -- it makes us laugh at how funny we sound. In class, we are learning to "speak like Yoda" because that is how Tagalog sentences are formed. Instead of we are happy, it's happy are we--Masaya Tayo! My teachers, Brother Doria and Sister Leatham, are amazing. Brother Doria is Filipino but was born/raised in the US (He is also abnormally tall for a Filipino. And he served in Baguio! Sister Laetham is so sweet--she is very good at teachign concepts and getting us involved in our learning. Our district has a goal to bear our testimony is Tagalog to 2 random people every day. My companions and I are trying to pray in Tagalog every time we pray. It is hard, but I know that the Lord is happy that we are trying and he will help us more if we show him our efforts. I feel so grateful because I've really been able to understand what we have learned so far. The language is coming pretty easy for me so far. I think all the studying beforehand really has paid off. I hope I can continue to be blessed in that regard. Thanks for sending up the CD and speakers. Unfortunately there's a NO MUSIC rule here at the MTC, so I'll just save it for when I get out in the field. I've seen James Lambson here several times, usually in the cafeteria--which, speaking of-the food is so yummy! But poor Sister Parks has some stomach problems and needs a special diet. Luckily we talked to the dietician today and they are going to make special sack lunches for her from now on. Oh yes another thing-- We share a room with another set of sisters, Sister Woodward and Sister Adams - they are going to the Philippines and have been here 3 weeks. Yikes, I think I'm out of time. I love you all so much. I'll try to finish up in a letter!

Oh never mind, I guess I had a couple more minutes.

That's awesome about Christian's mission call. I met a sister the other day who is going to Fresno, Spanish speaking as well!

Yesterday I got a calling in my branch as the music coordinator. I am excited because I get to choose the hymns and arrange for special numbers and so on. Yay! I'm also the senior companion for the first few weeks--we'll switch off every few weeks. Oh and another thing--I LOVE companionship study! It is so awesome! Oh and I got a Tagalog Hymnbook!

I love you all. I hope you're having a happy day. I miss you, but know that I am being good and staying busy in Heavenly Father's work. I'm so joyful today! I love this gospel!

Love, Sister Rebecca Boekweg

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