Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another email from your favorite missionary!

Hey family!

So here’s some random bits of information, if you care to know.

1) I found out from Sister Asuro the other day that I am the only American sister in my mission right now. We’re getting two more next transfer though.

2) Everyone laughs at me when I eat fish because I don’t know how to avoid bones. Even President Barrientos laughs at me.

3) One of my favorite things about the Philippines is all the yummy snacks they have here. They have so many munchies that you can buy in small quantities to snack on, like crackers, and cookies, and chocolatey yumminess.

I love how the people here love to be with people. In America everyone wants to be on their computer or listening to their ipod, or doing whatever, and their always busy. Here, everyone loves to just sit and visit with each other, and it's not weird at all to just go up to someone sitting outside their house and just start talking to them.

So, this week Marlon accepted to be baptized! He still needs to recieve a definite answer first, and we need to get him to come to church, but I believe he will be baptized because he really wants to do what God wants him to do. I'm really happy that he wants to be baptized.

Well, that's about all for this week.

I love you all!

Love, Sister Boekweg

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