Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010!

Hello! Thank you for all the emails! I'm just going to reply to them all in one big one. Hehe, I don't know if I'lll be able to answer all of your questions in one sitting, but I'll have a go at it! I love the Philippines! It's very different here in many ways, but I am learning to appreciate many of the differences. The things I've had to adjust to the most is probably bucket-showers and lack of American food available in the stores :) but I like the Filipino food. It's a good thing I like fish and rice. The mangos here are better than the ones in America. This week Sister Garma taught me how to cook Adobo. yum! At a member's house this week, they served us fried fish - they fry up the whole thing, head and all. The part I ate was just the middle part though :) It's funny, but it doesn't gross me out as much as I thought it would. We also ate Buko (coconut) after doing yard work at a member's house on Wednesday. It is sooo good! and the coconut juice is amazing! Hardest thing? not being able to understand what people are saying. And many of the people here speak English better than I speak Tagalog as of yet, and so it's kind of a weird challenge to force myself to speak the language. But everything keeps saying that it will come. I know I've been called to serve here for a reason, and as long as I'm working hard and being obedient, Heavenly Father will lend a hand. I'm so glad that smiles and hugs are not limited to langauge barriers - those are understood wherever we go in the world. Our area is newly opened and we have several investigators that we are teaching. However, we are going to be focusing on "finding" these next few weeks. We're focusing on finding fathers--because if the father is interested, we will likely be able to teach the whole family together. yay! Oh and get this: One of the main roads in my area is named "Boquig." I guess it must be inspired that sister "Boekweg" is serving here! ;)

thanks for sending the photos! I loved them! Hehe, Lisa, those look like some way comfy pajamas :) Cute! You have new sunbeams! I miss our little sunbeams :)

We have church at 8:30 AM - I like our church. It almost reminds me of a setup you'd see for a hotel in California. It has a court yard in the middle with palm trees and 2 stories. We get 7600 pesos per month. They gave us a visa card - we usually withdraw from it at the Nepo Mall and just use cash for everything. I still am figuring out how much everything costs here. But I'm sure that'll be sufficient for our needs.

Yes, I can get oil, butter, eggs, sugar, --I'm not sure about baking soda and flour yet, but I assume so. perhaps choc chips. they do have m&ms/chocolate/kitkats. (yay!) things not available: taco seasoning, chili, refried beans, most canned foods, beef jerky, chewy granola bars/healthy snacks, sour cream.

You can continue to email the ward newsletter to me - I usually just glace over it. but it's fun to hear what's going on. but if you ever are sending a package anyway, go ahead and just put the hard copy in there :)

Nope I haven't seen a lot of flood damage - well, probably because I don't know what everything looked like before I came here. But I heard that the big mall in Rosales was flooded to the second floor a few months ago. It's all up and running fine now though :)

I still don't know how to upload pictures or if the computuer has a memory card reader/USB port. I don't see one. We're running short on time today, so I'll have to ask someone maybe next week. If all else fails, I'll send it in the mail, though before I do that I'd want to make sure I find someway to make another copy. I think I'm going to talk to some of the other American missionaries to see what they do to send pictures home.

That's cool you got a laptop! Good luck in the singing! Once again, thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas packages from you! I am still enjoying those Andes Mints. Thank you! You know me very well!

Wow, that sounds like a scary drive throught the snowy canyon. I am so glad that you made it home safely! I'm so grateful we are being protected by Heavenly Father. Keep staying safe!
Got to go! I love you!
Love, Rebecca
P.S. your dearelder letter arrived to me on Saturday. Thanks!

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