Monday, January 25, 2010

Life is Wonderful!

Hello dearest favorite Boekweg-acle choir! :)
I'm happy. Hehe Daddy, how did you know that last night I dreamt of balut? ;) Actually, I'm quite excited to try it someday maybe in the near future. Yep, from the picture you sent, that looks like where I live.

This week has been wonderful. On Tuesday we had zone interviews with President Jensen, and I felt so great after my interview with him. He and Sister Jensen alway tell us to "Be of Good cheer! You're doing great! Just relax and be happy!" and that really helps for them to remind us to work hard but also to not forget to "enjoy the journey." So I'm really happy to be here in the Philippines. Some blessings this week: We have been visiting Sister Vidal, a less-active, and I felt I should bring the picture of the Savior to give to her (one of the ones you sent me in your Christmas package, where Christ is lifting the child out of the water and it says "Be not Afraid"). It was really neat because when we talked to her and found out her fears about returning to church, it was exactly what she needed, and so I gave it to her and applied it to how Christ can lift us out of our trials (water) and comfort all our fears. Also, on Saturday, we taught the first lesson to a brother (Nelson Lorenzo) and I was able to share with him 2 Nephi 28:2-4, which I had studied just that morning, to help him understand why Heavenly Father prepared the Book of Mormon for our day. It was really cool because of how I felt I should study that particular chapter that morning. Also, this brother lived the same house as a family we had talked to once before last week and kept feeling impressed that we needed to return. It's amazing to recognize how much the Spirit aids in missionary work! It makes me so happy to trust that I don't have to rely on my own talents and "eloquence in Tagalog" in order to contribute to this work. Heavenly Father knows the needs of every single person, and He wants them to receive the gospel. He works through us, and we need to willing to just mold ourselves to His will and let Him work through us in His own way.

Last night we had a dinner appointment with the Maramba family. They feed us every Sunday and always make a lot of food. It was sweet because Sister Maramba cooked chicken cordon blue just for me because she found out it was my favorite food. (how sweet is that?) The Filipinos always go out of their way to be so hospitable and kind. I have made 2 very special friends in our ward: Ana Liza Mejia and her sister Jackie. Jackie is getting baptized on Friday, and Ana Liza has been a member for almost one year. They are sweet and always give me lots of hugs at church. Filipinos are very affectionate. It makes me feel very at home in our ward.

Guess what! There's a pizza hut here. We went there with our district last week! Oh bliss :)
Here's your new word of the day: Agi! (stress the last syllable). That's an expression they use here. I'm not sure if it's Tagalog or Pangasinan - it's equivalent to "Oh my!"

For groceries every week, I usually spend about 800-1000 pesos. Eating out (i.e.KFC) is usually around 100 pesos. I think the bus ride to Manila cost about $10 in American money.

Mommy dearest, Sister Tobias discovered your "Baptism" song in my folder, and she absolutely loves it. She has been singing it all the time around the apartment this whole week :)

I love you! Take care! Thank you for your prayers!
Love, Rebecca

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