Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

And happy birthday mommy tomorrow! I love you!
This week has been great. I recieved your valentines in the mail and they made me smile. Thanks!!

On Wednesday we had Zone conference. I looooove zone conferences! They are so much fun. And I love President and Sister Jensen! Here's a few hilghlights from this week. We started teaching a sister, Martina Dulay - she used to work in Hong Kong and some mormon brothers gave her a small book of mormon, but it was in English and she couldn't understand it - and so we gave her one in Tagalog, and she has been interestedly comparing it to the Bible and thinks it's really cool how there are cross-references between the two. She is a member of a born-again church that is still small and growing, and she's ghesitant to fully embrace the BofM because her pastor is counting on her to show her support and help the church grow. She's afraid to tell him about the Book of Mormon because of what He might think. She also goes to a "Bible Study class" every week. We were pretty bold. I told her that she should bring the Book of Mormon to her Bible class and share with all her friends as well as her pastor because it's the word of God, and Heavenly Father would want her to do that. I thought how fun it would be to offer to teach a workshop to her Bible class entitled, "How the Book of Mormon can enhance your Bible study!"
We also found a sweet sister, mother of 4. After we taught her about the restoration, we introduced the Book of Mormon to her and I bore my testimony about it's truthfulness, and shared how it is the most precious gift we had to give to her, and then she started to cry. It was a really special and such a neat experience to be able to participate in helping others feel the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives. Wow. I love this work!

The Moreno family referred us to their neighbor, a sister whom we had given a pamphlet to a while ago - she has been talking to the Moreno's about what we have been teaching them, and she really really wants to be taught as well. But she is a house-sitter and her landlord won't allow her have the missionaries over, and she's not allowed to leave the house. She cried as she explained to us how she had read the pamplet we gave her and really wanted to learn more. I pray that the landlord's heart will be softened. We left her with a Book of Mormon.

Fun side notes:
There are icecream trikes here!
Every morning I wake up to the sound of jeepney horns honking and roosters.
Sunrises and sunsets here are gorgeous.
There's been a chicken-pox break out in our mission recently.
The most frequently heard phrase at the dinner table is "Kain Pa!" (eat more!)
I love the Philippines!
Send my love to Alex! :)

Love, Rebecca

P.S. Bilobilo is yummy!

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