Friday, December 7, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Guess what! Last night I made Thanksgiving dinner for all the sisters in my apartment with the food you sent me in my Thanksgiving package, and they all loved it! They told me to tell you you're super awesome! I forgot to take a picture until it was mostly eaten...oops! Oh well. It was so yummy! Thank you so much! It was kind of a farewell dinner for Sister Gundaya because she is going home today. I'm sad she's leaving. She's one of the best friends I've made on my mission so far. She is Filipino, but she gets my sense of humor, and we laugh exceedingly a lot together all the time when we are in the apartment. But guess who is moving in to replace her--Sister Asuro. So we'll have 3 "generations: of missionaries in the same apartment because I'll be with both my trainer and my trainee. Hehe.

So, I dreamed the other night that I became fat on my mission, but I was happy because there was going to be a famine, and so I was prepared. Maybe it will come true. People keep telling me that missionaries usually gain weight in this mission. :)

On Saturday we taught the Icalia family. They are less active. We taught them about the plan of salvation, and we used Alma 34:32 about preparing to meet God during this life. Well guess what! They came to church on Sunday!!! We were so surprized because they always say they will go to church, but then they don't. But they did yesterday. I am so happy! They are such a cute family, and I want them to be active. They have a little 8 year old girl who reminds me a lot of Alina Tullis. She's very very cute.

Tatay Icalia gave the prayer in Sacrament meeting, and Sister Gundaya said that in his prayer he said "Salamat po na, kahit hindi namin gusto humarap, kumokolit and mga misyonero" which means something like "thank you that, even though we don't want to face the missionaries, they still get after us." :) We also had two investigators at church. Sister Maria Luisa came. She's doing so well. I love teaching her. She is so desirous to know the truth, and she is so sincere. She has a baptism date for December 22. I am excited!. Tatay Alfonzo also came to church! He is an investigator that we found while we were looking for a less active, and he told us he had been taught before, and he was very willing for us to teach him too. He is the cutest old man, and he's always teasing. He also always says he'll go, but then for one reason or another he doesn't. We tried to go get him for church yesterday, but he wasn't at his house. But when we got back to the church, he was there! He went all by himself! We were soooooo happy!

It's been a good week.

Oh, and I ate frog on Tuesday. We were supposed to eat dinner at the bishop's house, but his wife was at a practice until right before, and so she left the bishop unsupervised to cook the food. He fried frogs. When his wife came home and saw what he had made for dinner, she bought us food at Jollybee, but we did get to taste frog before we left. It tastes like chicken, but it looks like a very small person. It was interesting. We took pictures. i'll try to send them at some point.

Well, I love you all! Thank you sososososososo much for your emails!

Love, Lisa

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