Friday, December 7, 2012

Life is Wonderful!

Answers to questions y'all have had:
1) I haven't had problems yet with buying unrefridgerated meat. We go at 5:30 or 6am, so the meat is still pretty fresh.
2) Sister Cabato is a really fun companion. She likes to joke around, and she get's my sense of humor most of the time, so it's pretty fun. She is very good at singing, so we sing together and harmonize the hymns when we are walking between teaching appointments. Her first language is Chevacano (Idk how to spell that). It's mostly spanish with some words from other languages. But she is fluent in both Tagalog and English as well.
3) The Indian sister in my apartment has been on her mission for 11 months. She doesn't have to learn Tagalog, she just can teach in English. She actually was transferred back to India last week--all the Indian sisters in the mission were. Now Sis. Gundaya has a new companion. She is just here on a short-term mission for 2 weeks until sis. Gundaya goes home. She is nice.
4) I went to Mang Inasal 2 mondays ago. Yummy!
5) There is a mall in Laoag called Robinson's. We will go there today because they have the American cheese there. But usually we shop at Savemore, which is kind of like Wall mart.
6) I actually don't wear the little socky things anymore. Pres. Barrientos told me to wear stockings so the mosquitos don't bite me as much, so that's what I do now.
7) I haven't actually used the fels naptha soap yet. There's a kind Sister Asuro had that I used when I was with her, and it works pretty well.
8) We always take our laundry to the laundry shop around the corner from our apartment, all except our garments--we still wash those by hand
9) Our area is very small. We don't even ride tricycles except for p-day. It used to be bigger before they put 4 sisters in our ward, and even then the area was kind of small. Our area is in a little bit less busy part of town, but it's still in the city, so Sister Cabato has to keep me from walking into the street in front of tricycles sometimes. I can't really take a lot of pictures because we're not allowed to take pictures while proselyting, and there's not a lot of time on p-days. At the edge of our area is a river. We've been out to where we can look out on the river a couple times, and it's really pretty.
10) I don't know if I've mentioned this, but there is a new 12-week training program for new missionaries. I used it when I was being trained, and now Sister Cabato and I are using it while she is being trained. It's really good. It gives us an extra hour of companionship study every day except p-days and the day we have weekly planning. We get to study and practice a lot about the 8 fundamentals of PMG. Because of that, we go out at 1pm instead of 12. We proselyte until 8pm, and then we go home.

This is what I wrote to President Barrientos today:

My spiritual highlight for this week happened on Friday when we went with a member to teach a referral. I was so amazed at how much of a difference it made that the investigator was referred by a member and that the member was there during the lesson. It was a really good lesson, and at the end the investigator started to cry and said that our visit was an answer to her prayers. She came to church on Sunday with her friend that gave her as a referral, and I really feel like she will continue to listen and will be baptized. I am very convinced now of the power of finding investigators through members.

Well, Life is great! I love you all! I am very grateful to be a missionary! I know the gospel is true! I am so thankful to know that. I love the Book of Mormon! I love the plan of Salvation! Life is so great. Keep reading your scriptures every day, and praying, and going to church every week. These are the things that will keep you from falling off the straight and narrow path. Keep striving to be an example to others. You never know when your testimony might be needed to help someone.

Love, Sister Boekweg

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