Monday, October 21, 2013

Jollybee Food -- A Dream Come True

This week has been pretty good. We've been seeing some really good things happening in our area.

We taught an investigator about the Restoration, and then we told her how important our message is. She was SO excited for us to teach her. She had read 3 Ne. 11, and she had lots of things to say about it and lots of questions. She accepted a baptismal date, and she has recognized the Spirit already. She is progressing a lot. 
We also found a really nice family the other week. We were looking for a less active, and we saw them outside of their house, so we asked them about the name of the person we were looking for, and then they invited us in. The husband told us he is really looking for the true church. They have accepted a baptismal date. 

This area is really progressing. We have trouble fitting everything into our schedule because there are so many people we need to teach. Before I was transferred in, there were already 20 recent converts in just our area...yeah, sister Woahn is awesome.

So, random story. We did apartment checks for another zone last Friday, and it took us until about 3pm, and we started at about 8am, because the area of that zone is really big. The zone leaders gave us peanut butter sandwiches and tang when we came to their apartment. I love elders who give us food when we check their apartment. It just warms my heart. Anyway, it was super nice. We were still hungry though when we got back to our area. Sister Woahn was just telling me how she was craving fried chicken, and she told me later that she was wishing there was a Jollybee restaurant close by at that moment. And just then, two Jollybee workers appeared out of nowhere holding grocery bags of boxed Jollybee meals of fried chicken and spaghetti. They walked up to the tricycle we had just climbed into and asked us if we would like to buy some for 95 pesos each. Sister Woahn had a really astounded look on her face at that point. We bought some, and then we laughed all the way home. Seriously, that was probably the funniest thing that has ever happened in the mission. It honestly felt like something you would see in a movie, where someone is daydreaming a wonderful daydream where everything they desire magically appears before them, but then they snap back to reality and realize it was just a dream. But for us, it wasn't a dream. It really happened.

Today we came to Laoag because all the foreign missionaries have to get fingerprinted for our passports tomorrow morning. So we took a 6-hour bus ride at 6am. We went to the mall in San Nicolas for our p-day, and I saw the San Nicolas 1 sisters, and they told me about my recent converts and investigators there, and they said they all ask about me, and I suddenly missed San Nicolas so much. I also saw two of my recent converts as we were going to email. I just about started crying. I love them so much. I miss them so much. 

I am out of time now.
Sister Boekweg

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