Monday, October 21, 2013

September 29 -- Lots of Jeepneys!!!


This has been a  pretty good week. I really like working here.  The branch seems really supportive of missionary work. I really like working with sister Woahn. I like the way she teaches. The third day I was here, we planned to teach an investigator couple about the Restoration. I haven't been very comfortable teaching the Restoration up to this point because if we don't explain it well enough the people don't understand, and I'm always afraid if we teach it too soon, the investigators will reject it. But we taught the Restoration to this couple, and it was pretty much the first visit. We did practice teaching in our companionship study, and then when we went to teach them, the lesson was really good. I've never experienced teaching it so well before, and the spirit was really there. I've always had trouble explaining the part about the Savior's earthly ministry, but that time I really understood how to explain it well. I think practice teaching is great. :)"

Anyway, this has been a pretty interesting week. My current area is definitely different from Laoag. It's very small. There are lots of fields. The transportation is different too. The tricycles here look like miniature jeepneys, and then there are these other vehicles that I don't remember the name of that are like slightly bigger miniature jeepneys, and then there are the real jeepneys too. I think I've come to the land of jeepneys. There are families of jeepneys all over the place: daddy jeepneys, mommy jeepneys, and baby jeepneys. I'll try to take a picture soon. It's not so very Ilokano here as I was expecting. I've been getting along just fine with just Tagalog. Maybe it's because so many of the missionaries here are foreigners, and so the people are more willing to speak in Tagalog. There are six missionaries in the branch. 4 are American, and 2 are Filipino, and we all live in one apartment. It's kind of different. I must admit, I've been experiencing a slight culture adjustment, going from being with a Filipino companion 24/7 to being with an American companion 24/7. It's fun though. But I must admit that I'm still adjusting to not eating rice every day for lunch. :) We have the sweetest senior couple in our branch. They are not full time, but I think they are service missionaries or something. The Sister works with us all the time. I've never had a senior couple in my area before.

Sister Boekweg

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