Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello! It was sooooo good to talk to you on the phone last night! Happy Mother's Day!!!
Well, on Wednesday I got to go to Baguio for Tri-Zone Conference! It was exciting. They took my fingerprints and did a bunch of paperwork for my visa (so that I can stay here for the next year), and it was great to see President and Sister Jensen. The conference got me all pumped up and excited about working with members in doing missionary work.

The buses here are scary! They are so big and go so fast and pass all the other cars - it's especially nerve-racking when you are riding a tiny little tricycle and you see this huge bus charging straight towards you. haha.

Today is Election Day in the Philippines. Heehee, elections here are very noisy :) . They have been advertising and campaigning for the past few months. And the way that they do it is by posting up a bazillion posters with the person's face all around town, and then driving trucks around with very loud and catchy songs, with the person's name as the lyrics. It's so funny and ridiculous. It makes me giggle, and I can't get some of the songs out of my head! We've been instructed by President Jensen to go home by 6:30 for the past few days to stay away from any danger related to the election.

We have a few rats, ants, and cockroaches in our apartment, but it's not too bad.

That's great that the twins were able to participate in the "Hope of America" performance. From the picture, it looks quite fun!
That's great that you were able to get another geo metro!
It was fun to see the map of Caba! Yep, I recognize that. The plaza in the west is where we buy groceries and email. I am emailing from there right now. I live on road where the plaza is, but way up towards the east (next to the ocean). In fact, if you are going from the ocean towards the west on that road, my apartment is right before you see fields on either side. The sign says "villa navarro beach resort." The hwy right next to the plaza that is going towards the north is where we take the bus every time we go to Agoo (for district meeting) or Aringay (for church). Anyways, just for fun. That's great you were able to look it up :)

Three of our investigators are getting baptized on Saturday :)
One of our investigators, Brother Lito, is such an example to me. His wife got baptized last week, and his son is going to get baptized this week, but he is not able to get baptized yet (because of a sensitive and some-what complicated circumstance in his life). But his humility and faithfulness astound me. He is so desirous to be baptized. From the very first lesson, he has known that this is the true church, and he attends church meetings every week his family, faithfully pays his tithing, and is even fellowshipping one of our other investigators. When we taught him about the Law of the Fast this week, he meekly asked us if it was allowed for him to participate in fasting and giving fast offerings even if he is not a member of the church yet. We told him that of course he could, and that no one is deprived of receiving the blessings of obeying Heavenly Father's commandments. It is amazing to me to see the faith he has in enduring to the end, even before baptism, even when he doesn't know when or how soon he will be able to qualify for that special blessing.

Out of time, got to go!
Love, Rebecca

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