Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magandang Tanghali!

Hi! It's great to read all your lovely emails! Thanks, what a day brightener! Hey, today is Elyse's birthday! Wish her a happy birthday for me will ya? That's too bad about grandma's knee. I hope she feels better soon. Send her hugs from me! And send hugs to GrandmaBC too - it was great to get her letter this week :) I sure miss you all! I am doing very well here in Caba. I love it here. The rainy season is supposed to be starting soon. I'm excited. One thing I absolutely love about my area is that most of it is sort of uphill from the shore, and so we can see the ocean from most of the roads as we are proselyting. So pretty!

A couple highlights from this week was teaching Sister Ruby. We watched the restoration video with her (in Tagalog) and it really touched her. She teared up as she told us how she felt in her heart that it really was true. One thing I love about sister Ruby is that she always reads and really ponders every assignment from the Book of Mormon we give her. It is neat to come back and hear her insights.

One of our new investigator, brother Juan, is such pure, sweet old man. He lived in California for 2 years, and I started talking with him one day on the side of the road. When I showed him a picture of Christ ministering to the Nephites, he started crying because of his love for the Savior. It was really sweet. So I gave him the Book of Mormon and we told him we would come back and teach him more. Well after teaching him the first lesson, I decided to invite him to prepare himself to be baptized into the Lord's true church, and he accepted! We found out that Brother Arellano (from our branch) is really good friends with him already, and so we've been having him accompany us to lessons. It's really neat to see how effective it is when members really step in and get involved in missionary work.

Both Ruby and Juan have both repeatedly told us that they hope we always keep visiting them. Which is really nice that they want to learn!

As for Lisa's question...how is it different and similar to Dagupan? Caba is a much smaller town, more spread out, more fields, more mountains (actually, there weren't any mountains in Dagupan). The main product of Dagupan is Bongus fish, but here they grow a lot of tobacco and corn. :)

We've been having fun with the rats in our apartment. This week Sister Dollente found two big holes in her clothes that a rat had eaten through. One of my 50 peso bills got eaten too! luckily just at the corner though - it is still usable. hehe!

When teaching a lesson to a bunch of little children this week, we asked them to repeat what we had said, and one of them piped up "Bawal pagdurdura!" (don't spit) instead of "Bawal pagmurmura" (don't swear). hehe!

Guess what--there are blood-sucking lizards here! Yikes.

Well, gots to go! I love you very much! See you later!
Love, Rebecca

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