Monday, August 30, 2010


Surprise! On Friday I was transferred to Urdaneta! My new companion is Sister Caras, from Cavite (Philippines). I was assigned to be her follow-up trainer. Sister Caras is such a sweetheart. You know, I've really lucked out when it comes to companions. It seems every transfer Heavenly Father has paired me up with some of his very best, sweetest angels. Sister Caras is a recent convert. Her mother was the first to be taught by the missionaries - her mother works in California now. She's really cheerful, hard working, thoughtful, and kind of reminds me of Johannie Everett.

I was thinking I would stay in Caba for another transfer, so the transfer kind of came as a surprise. But I am happy. Sister Garma (my trainer) got transferred with me to Urdaneta as well. It was great to see her - we are both follow-up trainers. She has only 2 transfers left in the mission. Urdaneta is a larger city than Caba. There is lots of vegetation here and it's a lot more humid. It's more inland too - no ocean here. It's also a higher-class town, not quite as poor living conditions it seems. They speak Ilocano here as well, but they speak Tagalog at church a lot more than they did in my last area. I'm getting better at picking up what people are saying in Ilocano. It makes me happy. Sister Caras speaks it fluently, so it's also nice to have her for a reference.

Guess what? We found a frog that somehow hopped its way into our apartment. Here in Urdaneta, the apartment is way nicer - no rats or cocraches at all. yay!

That's great that Alex gets to stay in his area for his last transfer! Wow, crazy how time flies. Has it really been 2 years? Also, I'm not sure where I should start sending letters once he gets home. Wisconsin, Utah, or somewhere else? Anyone know? Thanks!

Inaro Taka! (I love you - Pangasinan)

Love, your missionary,

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