Monday, September 6, 2010

Oops! I'm being transferred again!

What a shocker! This morning, I got a phone call from Elder Duncan (assistant to the president) and he informed me that there had been a big mistake with transfers. Apparently they accidently transferred me to the wrong area and with the wrong companion! I'm actually supposed to be in Urdaneta 1st ward (I'm in Urdaneta 2nd ward right now), as the follow-up trainer of Sister Albaquer, and Sister Garma is supposed to be the follow-up trainer of Sister Caras. So Sister Garma and I have to pack and switch places tonight. It came as a huge surprise. I've been here for almost 2 weeks, and so I don't know why they didn't catch it sooner, but President Jensen wants it fixed the way it was supposed to be. How funny. We shed a few tears this morning. I've loved working with Sister Caras, even though it was only for 2 weeks - we have so many of the same desires, and she and I get along so great. But I guess this is what is supposed to happen. It's kind of sad for me because we just found some golden investigators this week, and extended baptismal dates to 2 of them. It seems this week has been full of miracles. The member work here is wonderful, and Heavenly Father was just placing those who have been prepared for the gospel into our path every day.

Sister Jefferey Marata is one of our new investigators that will be baptized in October. She is amazing. Her eyes are really fuzzy, so she can't read, but still she always makes sure that she gets someone to read to her every Book of Mormon assignment that we give to her. She came to church with her children yesterday. She just soaks up the lessons and is so eager to be baptized.

Sister Mildred Tabajo is another miracle we met this week. She is 20 years old - her husband is working abroad, and she just recently returned home to live with her parents. She has had a really rough past - she was into pretty much every drug and bad thing, but recently felt a need to move back home, and a desire to change her life. And then we met her and felt she needed to be taught. She has already gained a testimony, and excitedly came to church yesterday and loved every minute of it. We'll extend an baptismal date to her on Wednesday. I'm sure going to miss her.

Well, I'll be moving out tonight. I'll let you know next week about my new area. It's been a good two weeks. crazy!

I love being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is a privilege to be able to spend all day, every day, engaged in the most important work we could ever be doing - helping Heavenly Father's children to find the way back home. There are so many people who need help. Sometimes it's overwhelming because I want to help everyone, but time is so limited. I've gained a greater testimony of the great importance of every person doing all he/she can to help those within his/her personal influence or circle of friends. So much depends on our individual exertion. I love you all! (yes, especially you!) Time to go!

Love, Rebecca

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