Monday, January 24, 2011

Magandang Hapon :)

Pomela Fruit -- The coolest fruit ever!

Well this week I don't have a whole bunch to report on because Sister Nielsen and I have been really sick. We've both had fevers for a few days - her's was 101.6 and mine was 102.8. I'm not sure why. so we've had to take it a little easy. I'm still feeling a little sick still with achiness and chills. Yesterday, We thought we were ok, and we went to pick up Brother Amor for church, but then I almost threw up as we were walking with him to church. It's been a really weird few days, but that's ok.

Oooh I do have some happy news though! Sister Jerrene (16) completely surprised us when she showed us her book of mormon reading chart that we gave her, all filled out- every chapter! And what shocked us even more is that she told us that she read the whole thing in just 4 days!!! She didn't sleep -- in fact, we could tell as we were teaching and her eyes would start to droop. hehe! But I'm so proud of her! And she even remembers and understood everything she read too, and made note of her favorite chapters. Sister Mary Roces is also doing great with reading the Book of Mormon - she's in Helaman already, and absolutely loves to relate to us the stories she's been reading.

Sorry - I'm not sure if my letters are getting to you all through the snail mail. I've sent several to family/friends, but haven't heard if any have been received. Have you received any of them? Just want to say thank you for the emails! Karla, if you are reading this, you're baby is adorable!! Thank you for sending me pictures! And Alex, I got your package this week - oh boy! Thanks!!! Sorry if I"m not always able to respond to everything - I'm sure I lose track of all your questions, but I'll do my best! Thanks for being the best!

Mahal-na-mahal kita!
Love, Rebecca

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