Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Jerrene and her friend and I

Jerrene and her friend with Sister Young and I on P-Day

Hey, this week was a good week.
I'm really happy to see the Agustin family all reading the Book of Mormon consistently everyday! The kids are so cute! hehe, a couple weeks ago we taught them about fasting once a month, and it's so funny because Maria Luna (8) has brought it up somehow in every lesson since then with a question such as "oh, I forgot again. how often do we not eat for a really long time?" It's funny because it seems she likes to eat and is really is concerned about that. Of course we made it clear that for the kids they may have to start out gradually with that -not all at once. They all came to church on Sunday, and the children love primary.

On Sunday we were really shocked and sad to find out that our investigator Mark didn't come to church, and spontaneously went to Manila (without telling us or his girlfriend). He was scheduled to be baptized on Saturday, but I guess that's not happening anymore. It was really a big surprise and really hard for us and the ward members. But oh well, I guess maybe he decided he's not ready, or maybe satan is working extra hard on him right now. That's too bad.

I got locked inside the bathroom in our apartment on Saturday for more than an hour. I don't know how it even happened but the doorknob went wacky all of the sudden, and I couldn't get out, no matter how hard Sister Nielsen and I tried to jam open the door. hehe! Finally we got someone who had a special tool thingy to take out the doorknob. While in there, my companion fed me cupcakes through the vent and I taught her how to fill out a mission-form thing on the other side of the door. It was a funny adventure!

Yesterday we did a 1-day mission/ward record cleaning with the ward, finding all the inactive members and inviting them back to church. This will be a weekly ward project. It's really a good thing!

We taught brother Luis (76) and sister Norlita (64), two of my favorite investigators. We read the story with them in the bible where a great feast is prepared and guests are invited but they all make excuses for not coming. We likened it to the church (because we've been inviting them for a long time and they always have a new excuse). We testified of the Savior and the restored gospel, and read Jacob 6:6-12 with them. Sister Nielsen said it was the most intense, passionate lesson we've ever taught. I sure hope they felt the spirit. Sometimes I feel like I'm pouring out my heart to these people, and sometimes it just feels like it's not sticking.

The Living Christ document is amazing! It's a great way to build faith in Jesus Christ. I love Alma 62: 4-5 when Moroni raises the standard of liberty wherever he goes, and thousands flock to it. I think that, in a sense, we as missionaries are doing that too. We raise the Lord's standard, and those who recognize it's truth will flock to it.

I love you. That's all!

Love, Rebecca

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