Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Day!

Hello! This is a good week. I can't believe how fast time has flown. Is it really April already?! Sister Ledesma and I are doing great. She's great. She is almost exactly like me when I first started out on my mission, with her mindset and desires, etc. On Saturday Danilo Ordona (49) and Reynaldo Balagot (62) both passed their interviews and will be baptized this coming saturday at 9:00 AM. Yay! I'm so excited! We found brother Reynaldo after his granddaughter showed up at church. I remember the first visit, he asked us how soon he could be baptized. Brother Danilo we found when we rode his trycicle - he mentioned that he had met elders a long time ago and we asked if we could come and teach him, and he accepted. Then he's progressed so much since then. Missionary work is the best! Sister Myrna is doing great. On Sunday, when she came to church, she kept telling us how she feels she has ended her search and she feels like she's come home. I'm so happy for her. They talked about tithing in relief society, and she was so excited afterwards to pay tithing. She said, "I learned so much today!" and she always shares what she is learning with her neighbors, who may possibly become new investigators soon. Yippee! On Friday night I spoke at the funeral of the mother of our relief society president. Yesterday I spoke in church about the importance of temples. I miss the temple a lot. I am so excited to go to the Manila temple on Sat May 7th with you! I am really excited for the Urdaneta temple to be built! That is going to be a happy day. I am so excited for our investigators, especially Myrna, Danilo, and Reynaldo. They are going to really be strong members of the church. I love the Philippines! So much! It's so happy here. All the people are always outside, and it's way easy to mingle and make friends in the community. It's really really hot now - it's definitely the hot season. Be prepared for the heat when you come here!

I love you lots! especially you!
Your missionary,

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