Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy in Binmaley!

Hello! Happy ako! Mahal ko kayo!

So this week was great. On Saturday we had a scare because brother Reynaldo Balagod (one of our golden investigators) missed his baptismal interview. We were all really surprised because he's usually way on top of things, comes to church really early, never misses an appointment, always reads the book of mormon and keeps commitments. Well, when we went to his house, to our dismay we found that he was drunk. It was really sad. But the next day, he felt very repentant, and when interviewed by the district leader, he was okayed to be baptized this friday. Ever since we started teaching him, he has been very resolute in his decision to keep the word of wisdom. I guess he just relapsed a bit, but now he's right back on track, strong as ever. It made me think about how vulnerable we all are, even if we're strong and trying to do what's right, there may be times when we are caught off guard and fall for temptation. We need to always be on guard because none of us our immune to temptation. Brother Reynaldo is an amazing old man who really wants to do what's right. He gets so excited to share with us scriptures he has discovered in his reading of the Book of Mormon. I love how truly converted investigators really get excited about the gospel once they get a testimony of it!

Another investigator, Danilo Ordona, 49, is very progressing as well. He shared with us the other day about how ever since we started teaching him, he has had no more desire to smoke or drink or do other things he used to do. He said he just had a change of heart and it didn't feel like the right thing to do (even though we hadn't even taught him about the word of wisdom yet). He's always attending church, taking notes at church, reading the book of mormon, praying, and told us that he really wants to know all of the commandments so that he can know everything he needs to do and not do. I think it's interesting - there must be something in the spirit that we bring as missionaries that helps people start changing right from the start. It's not in what we say, it's in what they feel. It's amazing to watch people change for the better. I think it's so neat how discernible the difference is sometimes. You can actually see the light of Christ in greater abundance shining through the eyes of investigators as they progress! A light that wasn't there before! It's the coolest thing :)

This last Wednesday we went to Baguio for a sisters Leadership training :) it was great! I love trainings! They are always so edifying and I learn so much! As I was looking out at the mountains and scenery on the bus ride home, I thought about how much Heavenly Father must love us to spend so much time and effort just making this world a beautiful place for us to live in. He could have just put us all in a huge cardboard box to be tested... ;) hehe, but it shows how much he truly loves us that he created such a beautiful world for us.

Oh, another of our investigators, Sister Myrna, is doing great! She is getting very excited. She loved her first experience at church, and the message of the restoration really clicks in her mind and heart. This week when we came by she exclaimed, Oh if only I could have met you a lot earlier in my life! She's great.

Ok, well that's about it. Things are busy. I love you! How was general conference? I can't wait!

Love, Rebecca

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