Monday, April 22, 2013

April 1 -- Halu Halo Queen

It's been a great week. There were some rather interesting happenings this week. First of all, sometimes when we are walking, some random guy calls out "Hello Sister, good evening, I love you" or "Hello Sister, I miss you". It really cracks me up. I think the people here are still getting used to the novelty of having an American sister here because it was an elders' area before. Also, somehow the children in the neighborhood where our apartment is found out how to say my name, so whenever we pass by them they all call out "Sister Boekweg!" All the little children here are so cute. Sister Serrano says they probably think I'm a giant barbie that's walking around. Everyone here thinks I look like a barbie, it's really funny.
Last p-day, we received a phone call from brother M while we were studying; we were a little surprised because no one really calls here, they just text, so we thought it must be some kind of emergency, but he was just really bored because school is on vacation now, and he really wanted us to come teach him right then, but it was p-day, so we had to tell him to wait until that evening. he's funny. He was baptized last Saturday. A lot of the members attended his baptism, which was great, except that the ward mission leader couldn't find anyone who was willing to be a speaker, so Sister Serrano and I had to speak. It was a little nerve racking, since I didn't have time to prepare ahead of time, but I just shared a scripture and talked for about 2 minutes, and it was okay. I'm happy about Brother M. Even though he is only 13, I think he'll stay active because there are a lot of members fellowshipping him, and he loves to come to church.
I had homemade halu-halo for the first time last week. It was really good. One of the less-actives was selling it. I like it even better than the halu-halo at Chowking. For some reason I'm a really fast eater here, and I usually finish eating before the people with me are even halfway through--I don't know, maybe people like eating slower here or something, but anyway, I finished my halu-halo before the people we were with, and so they offered me another one free, so of course I had to eat it because it was just too yummy, and then the little brother of sister D (the one selling the halu-halo) was eating one too, and somehow it turned into a race, and he was working as hard as he could to finish it before me, but I still won, and I was even still using my spoon, while he was trying to drink it. So I am an the halu-halo queen now.

I am grateful to be a missionary! I love the gospel! I know it's true!

Love Sister Boekweg

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