Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 15 -- General Conference in the Philippines

My spiritual highlight for this week was general conference. It really helped me to know what I need to do for this transfer and for the rest of my mission. I am really grateful for personal revelation. We had 8 investigators attend general conference yesterday. I was really shocked. I was praying that the investigators would feel the spirit and understand the messages, especially one of our investigators who is nine years old. When the prophet started speaking, I told her to listen and notice what she felt. I asked her after it was over what she felt while the prophet was speaking, and she said that she knew he was a living prophet. I told her it's the Holy Ghost that helped her to feel that. I'm really grateful Heavenly Father answered my prayer to help her feel the spirit even though she couldn't understand what was said."

I've got to tell you about one of our investigators right now. She is in her 50's, and the first time we talked to her, she was a little reluctant for us to teach her, but Sister Serrano is really inspired when she is teaching, and by the end of the first teaching visit, this investigator committed to be baptized. As we've continued teaching her, she has really started to progress, and she is becoming more and more desirous to be baptized. There's a member who lives really close to her and has been fellowshipping her and bringing her to church. Her baptismal goal date is April 27.

We are also teaching a 19-year old girl right now. She is so cute. She came to General Conference yesterday and stayed for both sessions. She asked me to translate for her during one of the talks because she couldn't understand. I wasn't sure if I could, but I tried, and I was surprised that I was actually able to do it. I mostly just summarized what was being said, but it was cool to know that I can translate okay if I need to.

Oh, one funny thing. So we pass by this group of tricycle drivers a lot when we are going to cross the street to go to the other side of our area, and whenever they see that we will cross the street, they usually go out to the road as if they are policemen and blow whistles and try to direct traffic to stop for us. It's kind of silly. It makes us laugh. I think that's the reason they do it.

Well, anyway, that's about all. I love all of you!

Love, Sister Boekweg

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