Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello from the Philippines!

Dearest family whom I love so much!
This week has been wonderful! This morning, we met with our zone to play badminton and basketball for exercise. I enjoy zone activities because there are 4 sisters: Sister Caras, Sister Almaquer, Sister Garma, and myself - and All of us have been each other's companions before, so we all know each other real well. My companion really wants to taste frog, so perhaps that will happen soon.

On Saturday, we had the baptism of Sister Mary Roces, 52 yrs old. She is such a sweetheart! She has been eagerly preparing for the past few weeks, and finally entered the waters of baptism. Afterwards, she was so happy that she cried, and could hardly speak. It was a sweet day. It's amazing to think about how important of a landmark that baptism is. It opens the gate to the Celestial kingdom and marks the beginning of our journey home. Seeing her joy made me almost want to get baptized all over again. hehee, is that allowed? ;-)

My testimony has been strengthened that when we do our part, Heavenly Father places the right people in our path. When we have opened our mouths, it's amazing to see how many times the people we talk to happen to have a connection to the church, or have been taught previously. The Lord is behind this work. I'm enjoying this area. One thing that is nice is that we live right next door to our zone leaders, so it is very convenient when we need supplies or have questions. I'm excited for General Conference! Enjoy it for me next weekend! I have to wait because it's a week-delayed here.

Love you very much! especially you! (happy September 26!)
Sister Boekweg

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