Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magandang Hapon!

Kumusta Kayo? Happy day!

This week was wonderful. I love my companion, sister Almaquer. She is very cheerful and confident. Yesterday we did a lot of OYMing (opening your mouth) and finding new investigators. At one point in the day, there was a man who passed us by in a trycicle, and I felt that we needed to talk to him, but he drove away. Then passed by us again, and I felt bad about missing the opportunity and so I prayed in my heart that if Heavenly Father wanted us to talk to him, to please help him come back a 3rd time. He did, and we found out that he was ready to be taught and eagerly accepted the opportunity to learn about the restored gospel. I'm so happy. We are also teaching the Agustin family, a wonderful family with 6 children. Their father is a member, and he found us, and told us that he wants his whole family to be baptized. I am excited!

On Saturday we had a family week celebration for the Urdaneta stake! We put on a presentation about the plan of salvation. Afterwards, we held the baptism of Mark Arganda, which went wonderfully. Yesterday I spoke in sacrament meeting about the Savior's example of charity. Even though he was despised, ignored, and rejected, and people treated him with disrespect and ingratitude, he didn't let their actions cause him to become offended. He remained full of love and accomplished the atonement, providing hope and rescue, even for those who treated him so badly. He even forgave them on the cross.

I know that the Book of Mormon was written for our day. One wonderful thing as a missionary is when the spirit brings a scripture to your mind at the very moment that you need it, and you read it to an investigator, and it directly answers their question/concern. We would never succeed in teaching without the Book of Mormon. It's amazing how perfectly the gospel fits together. Heavenly Father loves us so much.

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy conference!
Love, your missionary,

P.S. I ate bamboo this week. I didn't know it was edible!

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