Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 16 -- Raining Super Hard

This has been a great week! The other day it started raining super hard, probably almost harder than I've ever seen it rain. We were walking on the road at that time, and we got soaked. We found shelter in a tindahan (store), and we had to stay there until is slowed down, so we talked to some people who were standing there too. Maybe the Lord knew they needed to meet missionaries. Who knows?

Last Saturday I had an exchange with one of the new American sisters. I like doing exchanges with new American sisters. I especially like helping them with their Tagalog, and also with their adjustment to the culture and everything.

One of our investigators has had some big health challenges. Yesterday, we felt like we should share with him about how much God loves him. It was raining really hard, so we scooted really close so he could hear us. We shared D&C 18:10, and Moses 1:39, and we shared that the reason God has still allowed him to be alive right now is because He wants to give him eternal life, and so he is giving him a chance to accept the gospel and be baptized. He felt the spirit, and when I asked him if he will prepare to be baptized he said yes! I'm so happy. I am so thankful for the spirit.

Yesterday we taught Sister M. and Brother D. We taught them about how the gospel will bless their family. They just had a baby, so they are already thinking right now how they will raise her and help her to become a good person, so we used that, and we taught how blessed their daughter will be to grow up in the church. Brother D. felt the spirit as we shared Mosiah 4:14-15. They both want us to continue teaching them. I am so happy because they are so receptive, and I really feel like we can help them to become an Eternal family.

Well, I'd like to say more, but my time is about up, so I'll just say how grateful I am to have such a wonderful family. The more I see families here on my mission that are not happy and that do not live according to the gospel, the more I appreciate so much having grown up in the church with righteous parents.

Sister Boekweg

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