Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 10 -- Changes

Hi family.

I'm so happy about Tatay A. He is such a happy, jolly person that it is pretty much impossible to be around him for a few minutes and not be happy too. The other day we went to teach him, and I hadn't been feeling all that great that day, but when we left that lesson, I was smiling and I felt happy. He always does whatever we tell him to do; and he tells us that whatever we tell him to do, he'll do.

We had a zone training meeting last Thursday, and we found out some changes that are happening in our mission. First of all, the schedule is now different. Companionship study and language study are combined, and now we go out at 1pm and come home at 8pm. President wants to give us more time to prepare for teaching. Also, hugs are now bawal (forbidden), even between companions. Also, President wants us to look more professional, so backpacks are no longer allowed, just shoulder bags. There's a lot of stuff that is now against the rules, but I felt the spirit as the zone leaders were talking about it, so I know it is from God, so it's exciting.

Oh, and we're moving to a different apartment on Wednesday. It's kind of funny because every area I've been in so far (which is just 2, but still...) we've changed apartments. That's why I'm emailing later than normal today, because I was packing earlier today before we went out.

Well, that's about all.

Thank you so much for your emails. I love you a lot!

Love, Sister Boekweg

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