Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January 13 -- Missionary Work is Worth It

Hi Family!!

My spiritual highlight this week happened on Friday. We taught “K,” one of our investigators whom we found through someone else we were teaching. When we first met her, she seemed interested, but we weren't really sure if she would progress or not. On Friday she told us how she is so grateful that we are here to teach her, and she would rather spend time being taught by us than hanging out with her friends. I can really see how the Lord has prepared her, and how she is so desirous to learn the gospel. Yesterday she came to church by herself, and she was so excited to be there. It makes me so happy to see people who are so excited to learn about the gospel.

We found Sister K through Sister C; they are next door neighbors. K sat in on a lesson one day, and then we found out she is really interested to learn. She is 15 years old, and she has a friend in the ward, which makes it really nice so she isn't shy to come to church. She is preparing to be baptized on February 9.

We also have started teaching Sister C’s 18-year-old son. We've only taught him once, but hopefully he'll start progressing. It will be really nice for C if she has someone in her family to go with her to church.

Remember Tatay A? Well, he is just the most delightful investigator. He always comes super early to church--like an hour early. He is still preparing to be baptized on January 29.I'm really excited.

One thing that is really funny that I have noticed is in the stores--apparently people here love buying things that have something free included--but they'll stick really odd stuff together, like air freshener and peanut butter. I kind of did a double take when I saw that. I'm still trying to figure out what air freshener and peanut butter have to do with each other.

Another funny thing is that many big stores have their employees dance, either outside the front of the building, or just in the aisles. I love how enthusiastic they are. It makes me laugh.

Well, life is great. Missionary work is hard, but it's worth it. I'm learning a lot. I can't believe I already have less than a year left--time flies.

Anyway, I know the gospel is true. Sometimes I feel like Alma who wished he could be an angel to teach repentance and the plan of salvation to people so they would have to listen and believe. Sometimes I really wish I could just make people understand why the restored gospel is so important, and to read the Book of Mormon, and to go to church, and to do all those things that I know will help them. But I realize that everyone has to use their agency to choose to listen or not. I can't make them accept the gospel. All I can do is give them the opportunity.

Well, I love you all. Thanks for being the best family ever!

Love, Sister Boekweg

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