Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January 21 -- I Love Mangos!

Last night, just as I was snuggling down into my bed, enjoying the quiet of the night, about to drift off into dreamland, a rooster started crowing its heart out, as if it were trying to protest against people sleeping, and to summon the day by the force of its "cock-a-doodle-doo". It was kind of funny to listen to.

President Barrientos worked with me and Sister Cabato on Friday, and it was really funny because people kept calling him "Sister", especially the little children, but even some older people. :)

I'm really happy because M is getting excited about sharing the gospel with her friends. Before, she felt too shy to try to share the gospel, but the other day we went to her daughter’s birthday party (her daughter is 3, and she is sooooooo cute, but she is super duper shy), and some of M's friends were there, and she was excited to introduce us to them so we could maybe teach them. We found some potential investigators that way.

I'm so so so so so happy because Brother and Sister G are continuing to go to church! They've been coming pretty regularly now for about a month.

Tatay A is so so excited for his baptism. It's so cute because whenever we mention it, or someone at church mentions it, he lights up and get's a really pleased look on his face, just like a little boy. It's coming up pretty quick. I'm excited. When we first started to teach him, I really thought he'd be an eternal investigator and wouldn't ever really be baptized, but he's so happy about the gospel and to go to church. Whenever we teach him he always tells us how, if it were not for us, he wouldn't know the way to go, and he always says how thankful he is that we were there to show him the way to the true church. I just love him so much.

I love so many foods here! I love mangos! The ones in Utah are yucky, but the ones here are the best things that ever did live upon the earth. I also love superstix. It's like a wafer stick with chocolate, or ube flavoring, and it is so yummy. I also love adobo! I recently learned how to make it and I am happy. Oh, and I found muffins at the store the other day. It has been so long since I have tasted a muffin, so it made me so happy, so I bought them and ate them with pleasure.

I love you all so much. Thank you so much for all your support and emails.

Love, Sister Boekweg

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