Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January 28 -- Life is Great in the Laoag Mission

Hi there Family!

It's P-day again! Today we ate at Chow King. It was super yummy. I love being in Laoag city where we can go to restaurants on P-day.

You know what's kind of funny? I really feel like a Filipino sometimes because whenever I see an American who is not a missionary, I stare in bewilderment because it's so rare, and I wonder what in the world they're doing here. Especially the other day when I saw a blond little white boy riding his bike down the street, and  while back when I saw an mom with her two little blond children shopping at Novo (my favorite store--it has all sorts of stuff, like notebooks, clothes, household items, hair things, and all sorts of random stuff).

You know how Baguio means storm? Well, I found out that "Laoag" means "light" in Ilocano, so it is nicknamed the sunshine city. So Rebecca went  to the storm mission, and I m in the sunshine mission. :) I thought that was pretty cool when I found that out.

The other day, we were teaching K, and there were two little children there, and when we left to go home, we said goodbye to the little children, and Sister Cabato asked "why do they only giggle when Sister Boekweg talks to them?" and K said "It's because she's imported." Hehe. That made me laugh.

Oh, and the other day, I was helping K with her English homework, and it was HARD. No wonder Filipinos get so good at English. It went into all sorts of complicated grammar stuff that was even a little bit hard for me to figure out for some of it. I was really surprised. But I am no longer surprised that most of the Filipinos can understand English.

My ward mission leader has the cutest of all the cutest babies on earth, except for Nephi. He is about 8 months old, and he is so shy. You can make him cry just by looking at him too long.

Oh, and Tatay A had his baptismal interview last Saturday, and he passed! He will be baptized tomorrow, which is his 68th birthday. He is so excited. He was there an hour early for his interview. I'm so excited.

Anyway, life is still great here in the Laoag mission. We're teaching Brother A now, who is the 18-year-old son of Sister C. We're also teaching the siblings of the stake president's wife, and they are really progressing. They come to church almost every Sunday, and they have a baptismal date for February 23.

I'm so happy with my Tagalog. I can read the Tagalog Book of Mormon now almost without having to look up any words, and I really feel like I'm understanding almost everything. I was really surprised the other day when a guy was talking really fast, and I understood everything he said. I know the gift of tongues is real. There is no way I could learn Tagalog this fast if it wasn't.

I know this is the only true church on the earth. I love the gospel. I am so thankful to be able to help others come unto Christ. I love you all! Continue reading the Book of Mormon every day, and praying every day, and going to church every Sunday. Never ever stop doing those things. They are so so so super important in order to stay on the straight and narrow path.

I love you,

Love, Sister Boekweg

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